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Певец: Three 6 Mafia

Имя песни: Lollipop (Pop That Body) Feat. Project Pat

Длина мп3: 04:12

Дата добавления: 2016-06-06

Прочитан: 359

Популярность: 0


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Текст песни:

Yea three six mafia

Lolli lolli lolli lolli let me see you pop that body
Lolli lolli lolli lolli let me see you pop that body
Chocolate lolli
Cherry lolli
Feela lolli
Pink lolli
Red hot
Red hot
Red hot hot
Make that lolli pop
Make that lolli pop
Make that lolli pop
Make that lolli pop

That lolli lolli lolli
Please lord, have some mercy
This girl is throwin judi
I think she bout to hurt me
See she went front then back
She went side to side
I'm throwin blank checks
I think I need a ride
One pocket full of pills
A little bag of that cola
The other one full of weed
And a semi auto pistol-a
I ain't no dancin dude
But I can lean like a cholo
See mami go with me cause I can't be goin home solo


They call me the juice when I'm at strip club
I put down a hundred or a dub
I'm a mac to a playa
I'm a stud
Cause when I leave the club I'm a f*ck
Ride with the man and be givin up the brain
Little skinny I'm a ride with ya
I don't even know your name
There's a whole lotta room in the front of the van
Like boroc obama said it's time for a change
Put a roll on the back seat
Pop that body now you know that ya got me
You'll find a chick that's kinda classy
Said her name was antine now I'm grabbin
Got a grip on the whip
Big round booty with the silicone tits
She bouncin on my lap and she tryina own the six
I whispered in her ear it's hard for a pimp


All my ladies get em bodied
Put your hands in the air
If yous a good lookin hottie
Put your hands in the air
Punchin bag lookin for a model
Poppin that booty
I'm a pop bottles
Your girls a cutie
Know she goggles
Kingdom models
Shawty hot watch her rock
Let me see that lolli pop
Body rock don't you stop
I love the way that booty drop
Sideways front back up and down I like that
Cherry lolli chocolate lolli
I wanna see you pop that lolli


Nightcore - Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)
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