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Певец: Albe Back feat Fabolous

Имя песни: Mira Mira

Длина мп3: 04:01

Дата добавления: 2016-01-23

Прочитан: 355

Популярность: 0


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Текст песни:

(Albe Back talking with Girl)
Albe: You speak Spanish?
Girl: No I can only say one thing
Albe: What you can say?
Girl: Dime que tu quiere Papi....Oh and....

Mira Mira Ven Aqui, Mira Mira Ven Aqui,
Mira Mira Ven Aqui, Ven Aqui, Ven Aqui (x2)

You know me I got money
Being broke is not funny
I'm so serious Mami
Get it in wit your Papi
And Follow me cuz I got tree
And I'm higher than mount-ain
And your body's bada bing
I don't snitch I don't sing
I don't Kanye Album Ting
I won't tell no one a ting
I'm Boriqua, I'm cocoqui
I'm Moreno, I'm low key
I'm just checking out your stee
And I'm hoping you don't drink
This Nuvo got you pink
Vicky C you hickey me
La-da-da-di, la-da-da-di
Only you know what I mean
Only you the one fronting
Come with me, Come with me
Mira Mira ven aqui, Mira Mira come with me
Mira Mira ven aqui, ven aqui, ven aqui

Mira Mira Ven Aqui, Mira Mira Ven Aqui,
Mira Mira Ven Aqui, Ven Aqui, Ven Aqui (x2)

You know me I'm NYC
So you know I'm rolling deep
Some with you, some with me
We get off and in the G
You just have to have a seat
And you have to answer me
How'd you get up in those jeans
And can you stay for like a week
I ain't tricking I ain't cheap
We wake up and then we Beat Box
Rock you back to sleep, ma
Oh My God You Linda
And you roll a jeeper
Damn I think I'll keep ya
Or I think I'll lease ya
See ya, See ya,
Older than a beeper
And I am a G, 1
2 Fingers Peace Sign
Bye-Bye, Bye-Bye
We goin, we goin
Fly-by, Fly-by,
Call the bartender tell her
I-buy, I-buy, Me
So ven aqui (fabolous ad libbing in the background)
No ven aqui, Yeah ven aqui
Ven aqui, ven aqui

(chorus) (x1)

Mira Mira que lo que
What's yo name she say, Money
Pretty Mami from the Bronx
She was raised the J-Lo way
Hey OK, ain't no way
Ballers do not sway your way, offer you to pay your way
Glasses are Moway Rosay
She tell him No Way Jose
Don't care how much, pesos they gave for pay
She won't be on TV chasin Flava Flaaav
And I dig that bout her tho
I'm a nigga bout his dough
It ain't right, then It ain't right
Her nigga is out the door
What he goin do about that tho?
Man I say I'm Locito
We should go to sofritos
Order us Blue Mojitos
Or Sangria if you want
Afterward we dip and front
Have a talk and grab a blunt
Get Hi-igh, Hi-igh
We can go
Bye-Bye, Bye-Bye
Back up the I-I,
9-9,5-5 Si
So Mira Ven Aqui
I always been a G
I'm so Fly-I, Fly-I
Live like kennedy

(chorus) (x1)

(chorus) (till fades out with Loso ad libbing)

Albe back ft fabolous Mira Mira Music Video Part ONE
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