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Певец: Hetalia

Имя песни: Resting with Prussia

Длина мп3: 11:20

Дата добавления: 2017-03-31

Прочитан: 438

Популярность: 0


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Текст песни:

Just how awesome, oh awesome, I am? I am as awesome as awesome me can be!*opens door*
Yo, excuse me! Oh, you must be the poor soul who said you couldn't sleep! You certainly are a smart cookie to ask me to count sheep to you! After all, I am the best sheep counter in the world! Kesesesese~! Now your ears shall listen to counting as cool as a baby chick! You're definitely going to fall into that category! The category of sleeping after I count 10, no wait,
five sheep! Well, just leave everything to me! I plan to follow through with what I just said! I'll make sure you fall asleep,no matter what it takes! Now then, are you ready to sleep? Oh, not yet? I see. That's fine. Mosey on into bed, now! Hey now, cover up with your blanket properly! It's not okay! What are you gonna do if you caught a cold? Listen up! If you give a cold an inch, it'll take a mile! When you don't get enough sleep, your body's, uh, your body's, uh, what was it, uh, your body's thingamabob gets weak and it'll be easier to catch a cold! We can't have your body temparature going down too! In Japan, they say that, uhh, uhh, In Japan,
the cold is the source of the whatchamacallit... Oh yeah, now I remember! The cold is the source of all diseases... or something like that. I got that one from my little brother some time ago. Well, I am just trying to remember this second-hand, but you should listen
to this advice! All right? : Good, you're as snug as a bug! I'm counting now!*Counts 10 sheep.* How was that? Perfect, wasn't it? Oh, I understand just how you feel! You're trying your hardest to stay awake just to
hear my awesome counting! You've certainly done an excellent job to not sleep at 5 sheep! However, you should stop doing that for today and get some sleep! I'm going to count again! All right, I'm putting you to sleep this time!*Counts 20 sheep.* All right, mission complete. Now then, I shall make an awesomely quiet ex-
Wait, how can you still be awake even after hearing my perfect counting? You can't sleep? Did you take too much naps or something? No? Then what is it?
I see. I guess you can be so tired that you end up wide awake. *sighs* Everyone never seems to listen
when someone says not to overwork. You should take things in moderation too. I will make you fall asleep! Come on, close those eyes. I'm going on.*Counts 30 sheep.*Still not feeling tired, huh? *sighs* Hurry up and fall asleep. Sleep fast, wake fast, and eat a big, hearty breakfast in the morning! That's standard, you know! Oh hey, do you know about maple syrup? It's a miracle syrup that will guarantee happiness and blessings when you eat it! I received some of Canada's maple syrup and it is freakin' awesome! If you pour some on a
stack of pancakes, it's like pure heavenly happiness on a breakfast plate! Seriously, this is something I give
my full, awesome approval. I've happily obliged myself to keep spreading the word of maple syrup! You need to hurry and fall asleep so you can eat a big, tasty breakfast! Okay? Good! All right, I'll give it one more count!* Counts 50 sheep.* Speaking of breakfast, the pancakes that I put the maple syrup on were made by my little brother. The pancakes he
make are awes- Oh. Already in Dreamland. I wonder if the breakfast talk actually worked. Man, talk about simple. Still, no one could stay awake after hearing my awesome sheep counting! Now then, I guess I'll hit the road... Heh... Sleep tight. Gute Nacht.

(ENG SUB)Good Night with Prussia(HD)
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