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Певец: Eminem

Имя песни: Going Through Changes

Длина мп3: 00:46

Дата добавления: 2016-06-08

Прочитан: 479

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Текст песни:

I lock myself in the bedroom,
Bathroom, nappin' at noon,
Yeah dad's in a bad mood,
He's always snappin' at you.
Marshall what happened at you,
You can't stop with these pills and
You've fallen off with your skills
And your own fans are laughin at you.
It become a problem you're
Too pussy to tackle, get up,
Be a man, stand, a real man woulda
Had this shit handled.
Know you just had your heart
Ripped out and crushed,
They say Proof just flipped out,
Homie just swift out and bust,
Nah, it ain't like doody to do that,
He wouldn't fuckin' shoot at nobody,
He fights first,
But dwellin' on it only
Makes the night worse,
Now I'm poppin vics, perks
And Methadone pills.
"Yeah Em tight verse, you killed it!"
Fuckin' drug dealers
Hang around me like "yes man",
And they gon' do
Whatever I says when I says it,
It's in their best interest
To protect their investment,
And I just lost
My fuckin' best friend,
So fuck it I guess then...

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Eminem Going Through Changes
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